Lemon Lime Pothos in White

The Lemon Lime Pothos - Epipremnum aureum, is an electrifying colour variation from the more traditional golden pothos. This pothos shows off bright, chartreuse heart-shaped leaves tethered to a vine that will wrap itself around a totem pole as it grows taller and bushier. 

The pothos is one of the best houseplants for removing toxins from the air, a natural air purifier. As with all pothos, they are hearty plants that can live on little light but thrive on medium, diffused light.

Lemon Lime pothos has a fun, contemporary look to it and is ideal for a plant novice just starting out. Water it once a week and it will thrive. Very easy to propagate.

Watering - Give the plant a thorough soaking once every 1 to 1.5 weeks. Plants need to be dry before watering.

Light - Bright indirect to low light.

Measurements - Plant is in a 6.5" diameter by 6" high white ceramic planter.

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