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Living Fresh

Flowers are magic.

Living Fresh takes a lot of pride in offering phenomenal customer service, quality ingredients and expertly crafted designs.

We're on a mission to share our love of flowers with as many humans as possible.

Every one of our designs features the best of the season and focus on sourcing locally-grown flowers, foliages and textures.

We want to celebrate the season and often source our flowers from local farmers and growers. This ensures the longest shelf life for your flowers.

We also know ordering flowers can feel totally overwhelming. Living Fresh is here to help.

Gotta question? Don't hesitate to ask. Call us at 226-336-1017 or email us info@livingfresh.ca


Living Fresh Floral Designer


Floral Designer/Owner

From a very young age, Tina could be found frolicking with nature. This nurturing quality quickly developed into a strong passion for flowers and plants. In her youth, she spent many hours, side by side with her mom, playing in the family garden. Tina proudly shares that her mom’s influence is responsible for her professional success.

Before Living Fresh, her love of beauty and nature led her down two interesting roads: managing garden centres and greenhouses; studying floral and interior design. Living Fresh began as an opportunity for Tina to nurture her previous experiences and build up her design skills and aesthetics.

Tina believes that the learning process is ongoing; she is constantly immersing herself in projects and events that challenge her skills and bring new inspiration. She believes that building lasting relationships with clients, students and fellow designers is essential in the dynamic industry of floral design.

Tina is a flower sage: show her a flower and she will tell you all about it. According to her staff, her love of flowers goes well beyond that of the average person. Tina will giggle like a kid in a candy store when a blossom catches her fancy.

Meet the Team - Operations Manager


Operations Manager

Sharpie’s career as a collector began when he was fifteen years old. His love for vintage and antique items started with Coca-Cola signs. To this day he is an avid collector of these signs as well as gas station memorabilia. A major aspect of his collecting involves road trips to different cities across Ontario and the US to pick up items. He often visits antique markets and wouldn’t you know it, Aberfoyle Antique Market is where Sharpie and Tina met.

Flash-forward to now, Tina has converted him to a full-blown plant-lover. He especially loves succulents and cactus. With his background in landscaping, he is a natural. He has taken a liking to propagating and reviving sad plants.

Another noteworthy part of Sharpie’s life is his interest in tattoos. They mark big moments, events, and challenges in his life.