Ficus 'Audrey' Bush

Ficus Audrey (Ficus benghalensis) is one of the easiest indoor houseplants to grow and is a low maintenance alternative to the popular Fiddle Leaf Fig. With Its oval leaves are velvety and deep green in colour which is a drastic contrast to the light green veins.

It is native to India, and maintains a stunning shape as it matures. According to legend, is the tree under which the Buddha sat to achieve enlightenment.

Please note that this plant is toxic to pets.

Watering – Give the plant a thorough soaking once every 1 to  to 1.5 weeks. Plants need to be dry before watering.

Light -Bright, indirect light. Avoid direct light.

Measurements – Plant is in a 10″ growers pot. Plants are approximately to 24" to 30" in height.

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